Recycle bins located at the municipal disposal site.

The Township of Chamberlain Disposal site is located at #535399 Wawbewawa Road and is open to residents and ratepayers only on Thursdays from 1 to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is an attendant on duty at these times to make sure that residents and ratepayers are properly using the recycling facility and that garbage is sorted. 

Household Garbage

All household garbage must be bagged. Each household and recreational property will receive a disposal site pass at the disposal site. The pass is to be showed to the site attendant every trip to the disposal site. The $30.00 cost of the pass is now included in the final tax bill. All residential waste must be generated in the Township of Chamberlain.

No recyclable material is to be dumped in the pit. No non-recyclables are to be dumped in the recycle bins.

The Township of Chamberlain encourages all residents and ratepayers to use the recycle bins located at the disposal site. While the cost of recycling can be expensive it does extend the life of the disposal site. The cost of recycling far outweighs the costs involved in the closing of an existing site, the opening of a new site, or the expansion of a disposal site. However, recycling costs will continue to increase if garbage is found in the recycle bins. Please help to reduce the amount of garbage found in our recycling by not placing the following prohibited materials in the blue recycling bins:

  • Telephones (please place in OES container by the attendant shack);
  • Large plastics: tarps, pool covers/liners, toys, etc.;
  • Clothing, shoes, other fabric materials;
  • Paint rollers & brushes;
  • Christmas lights/extension cords;
  • PVC pipes & fittings;
  • Garbage & garbage bags: food scraps/diapers/kitty litter;
  • Power tools;
  • Garden hoses/dryer hoses;
  • Propane cylinders;
  • Ink & toner cartridges (please recycle at stores such as Garlins and Staples);
  • Yard waste: grass clippings, leaves, sticks, branches (belong in wood-burning pile);
  • Electronics (belong in storage container by shack);

Shredded paper packaged in a clear plastic bag is acceptable, however any items received at the processing facility in garbage bags are considered non-recyclable, as these bags are not opened and the contents are not sorted. Recyclables must not be placed in any type of bag. When this happens there is an added expense for the township which in turn trickles down to the ratepayer.

  • Food and beverage glass bottles and jars including metal lids;
  • Metal food and beverage cans;
  • Cardboard cans such as frozen juice, refrigerated dough, chips and nuts;
  • Aluminum cans, foil, foil plates and foil trays;
  • Empty plastic containers (1 through 7);
  • Aseptic packaging, such as drink boxes;
  • Empty aerosol containers;
  • Foam polystyrene (Styrofoam) such as from takeout, egg cartons drinking cups and meat trays;
  • Polycoat containers such as milk and juice containers;
  • Recyclable papers including: junk mail, writing paper, computer paper, non-foil gift wrap, non-foil greeting cards and envelopes, paper egg cartons, paper rolls, paper bags (other than treated bags, such as flour, sugar, potato and pet food bags), newspapers and inserts, magazines, catalogues and glossies, telephone directories, and soft covered books and hard covered books (hardcover removed and recycled separately);
  • Recyclable cardboard includes: clean, un-waxed corrugated cardboard and box board; and
  • Recyclable plastic film includes: grocery, shopping, dry cleaning, bread bags, vegetable/fruit bags, milk bags (outer and rinsed inner bag), outer wrap from packaging and bubbled plastic packaging.


All wire must be rolled up in a neat manner with all fence posts, rails and stakes removed.

Refrigerators or refrigerant containers will only be accepted with the refrigerant removed and certified that it has been removed by a person licensed to remove refrigerant. All doors must be removed from refrigerators and stoves.

Items NOT accepted at the disposal site (not in pit or recycle bins):

  • Automobile bodies
  • Dead animals or fowl
  • Animal waste
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Industrial waste


Bulk Items, Roofing, Demolition Materials
  • Bulk items-building materials, other items not including household waste, must be sorted. It is deemed to be sorted when clean, burnable wood, scrap metal and recyclable material is separated from other material.
  • Tipping fees will be due at the gate, and are as follows:
    • Pick-up truck/small trailer $10.00
    • Single axle truck $20.00
    • Large trailer/wagon $25.00
    • Tandem truck $75.00
    • Tri-axle $85.00
    • 20 cubic yard container $120.00
    • 40 cubic yard container $150.00


Tires can be taken to an approved depot for tires such as Kingston’s Service Centre or Peter’s Garage at no charge - no tractor tires accepted.

Please visit the BYLAWS page for more details.

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