Picture of the Partridge Road sign.
Driveways & Culverts

Most if not all driveways in Chamberlain Township have an entry culvert.

These entrance culverts belong to the land owner and not the Township of Chamberlain. The Township cannot properly maintain the ditching and proper drainage of its roads if culverts are installed improperly or not properly maintained.

The size and type of any culvert being installed in the Township of Chamberlain is to be determined by the Road Superintendent.

Culverts and cover material are to be supplied by the landowner, but the Township will supply the equipment (loader/backhoe) to install the culvert.

Please visit the BYLAWS page for more details.

NO Parking On Municipal Roads During the Winter

A large part of township operations is the safe and efficient removal of snow from our roadways during winter. The Township of Chamberlain restricts the parking on municipal roads during winter months to allow for the safe removal of snow from municipal roads and applies to all roadways forming a part of the road system under the jurisdiction of the municipality. This by-law shall not apply to: ambulance, police, fire department, or public utility emergency vehicles, and vehicles actively engaged in works undertaken for, or on behalf of the municipality.

Please visit the BYLAWS page for more details.