Winter sunrise in Chamberlain Township.
Fire Permits

From April 1 to October 31 of each year all residents and property owners must apply for a fire permit regardless of its purpose. There is a minimal cost of $2.00 for the permit. Obtaining a permit assists the local fire department with monitoring all fires burning in the area and enables a quick response should the fire get out of control.

Permits are available for 3 days at a time which allow for open air burning limited to grass, wood debris, and brush.

Permits are also available for windrows and are issued for the full burning season, which is approximately mid-June until mid-March. The Englehart and Area Fire Department must approve the windrow and a copy of the permit will also be sent to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Please take care when you ignite your fire and remain until it is fully extinguished. There must be a means to extinguish the fire available on site at all times. During certain times of the year the Ministry of Natural Resources will issue warnings. Fires must not be lit during these times. It is up to the owner to ensure that the fires are conducted in accordance with regulations. Information on the permit includes acceptable times to burn, proper tools for extinguishing the fire, etc.

Permits are not required for a bon-fire or small camp fire which is a small contained fire to be used for cooking and/or warmth only.

Permits are also not required for an incinerator, provided the incinerator meets all requirements as described in the by-law.

More information can be found under the BYLAWS heading.