Baseball diamond view from the backstop.

The Township Of Chamberlain has adopted an Asset Management Plan. Please visit the OTHER INFORMATION page for more details.

Asset Management Planning – What are the benefits?

Specific benefits associated with an Asset Management Plan are:

  • Better decision making
  • More effective communications with ratepayers, elected officials, organizations and regulatory agencies
  • Consistent levels of service
  • Better management of risk to the municipality
  • More effective financial planning that ensures sustainability
  • Reduces lifecycle costs
  • Leads to more efficient data management
  • Facilitates the implementation of policy objectives
  • Avoids problems and potential crises
  • Positive internal cooperation and partnerships
  • Maps a course of action
Asset Management Plan – What are the key principles?

Asset management can be characterized the following key principles:

  • A strategic and proactive approach to management of infrastructure
  • A comprehensive long-term view of infrastructure performance and cost
  • Measures the municipal financial capacity to meet the overall strategic and business plans of the municipality.
  • A visible and transparent approach that requires effective communication among all stakeholders.
  • A plan involving choices that are policy driven and prioritized.
  • An ongoing program – a “living” document.